I am Essential COSTA RICA!

March 19 the 2024

Someone defines themselves when they reconnect with their spirit, their true essence, the nature that shapes who you are.


I am an alluring concentration of beauty rainforests speeches and biodiversity.

I live in the heart of the America guarded by two seas.

I am the deep green that entices those seeking relaxation and adventure and I am so much more.

In my essence, I live the warmth and authenticity of my people. People with open arms who look forward towards the future and welcome opportunities. 

I am a unique, happy and caring nation that expresses itself through the diversity of its cultures. 

I am a cradle of human talented proud people who embrace challenges.

I am a nation governed in peace with a solid long standing democracy.

I stand behind health, education and the pursuit of self development as the cornerstones of happiness.

In my essence lies the preservation and care for the environment. A MODEL TO THE WORLD!

I breathe the riches of my land and I recognize the wit of my people ever capable of giving more than expected. 

I am a trustworthy and reliable nation distinguished by the value of what I create. 

Human development, innovation and a proven international competitiveness set me apart and enable me to export quality to the world.

Those who come to know me are surprised, amazed.

My greatest aspirations can be found in my concentrated essence.

I am a country that attracts those who seek the value of excellence and the commitment to sustainability.

I have much to offer those wishing to purchase, invest, produce and develop.

I have the required human and technological capabilities to achieve this.

I rediscover myself by searching within. I find myself in what is vital, in what is true. I rediscover what is important.

I am green. I am a happiness. I am solidarity. I am different. I am innovation. I am quality. I am diversity. I am concentration.



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